Some Stats


  • Since September 2012, I have been mostly based in southern France, where I am perfecting my French while continuing to freelance.
  • In 2007 I spent over four months traveling in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, DRC, Zimbabwe, and South Africa completing writing projects for non-profit organizations and magazines.
  • I spent July 2008 in Haiti doing another round of writing projects for non-profit organizations.
  • I worked from London for three months in Fall 2008.
  • I spent a month writing from and exploring India in 2011 and Greece in 2018.
  • I have also reported from, traveled in, and learned much in Italy, Slovakia, the Balkans, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Tunisia, Togo, Nigeria, the Middle East, and various European countries.


  • Since January 2016, I’ve been serving as managing editor for Culture Keeper, a burgeoning site where we’re cooking up all kinds of fascinating content. Hop over and check us out! 
  • Since 2003 hundreds of my articles and essays have been published in more than 50 online and print publications.
  • From August 2010 until December 2013, I served as Editor of the CCCU’s semiannual Advance magazine: selecting the issue’s theme and articles to accompany it, recruiting freelance writers and other contributors, making story assignments, editing all articles, working with the copyeditor and designer, and signing off on the magazine before it went to the printer.
  • Beyond traditional articles, I’ve completed a wide variety of other writing, editing, communications and media projects.
  • Photos I’ve taken have been published with a growing number of my articles.

Learning and sharing


  • I received a 2010, 2011, and 2013 Professional Development Support grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission.
  • In roughly 50 hours of work time spread over six months for a new non-profit organization, I secured four articles about the organization in constituent-appropriate magazines and secured a speaking opportunity for the organization’s president/founder at a large conference.
  • To see a more complete list of experience visit my MediaBistro site or my LinkedIn profile. Thanks!
  • And don’t forget the tweeting and instagramming: and It’s sure to change your life.

Publications I’ve written for include:

In addition to writing for specific publications, I’ve completed various writing and consulting projects for these clients:


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