The Most Responsible Free-Spirit You’ll Ever Meet. That’s me!

Since the entire world is given to writing in superlatives these days, I’m sure you’ll barely notice the over-adjectification that has attracted your search engine to this virtual home-office-storefront where I’m advertising my wares.

The fine wares of which I speak:

  • freelance writer/reporter, skilled at finding and telling interesting stories
  • magazine editor, skilled at managing issues from conception to print
  • copyeditor/proofreader, skilled at maintaining an author’s voice while doing a little tidying up
  • French to English translator, increasingly skilled at translating nuances from one language to the other
  • communication consultant, skilled at understanding organizational mission and how to help it shine

House Specialties: While I have intentionally avoided climbing deeply into niche writing (because I love the energy that comes with covering a range of topics!), I am particularly well-versed in international culture and travel, religion, higher education, the arts, and non-profits.


I also am pursuing the big, grand, idealistic long-term goal of being part of changing how we tell stories from developing countries, economically depressed communities in other places, and international locations in general. Too often media presents caricatures with the authority of portraits, failing to inform viewers that the enlarged nose of poverty or the flapping ears of unrest or the crooked teeth of corruption aren’t the only stories of such places and failing to inform viewers that, enlarged out of proportion to other true stories, these “facts” become a story that is no longer truly representative. I’m working to find a financially sustainable means to do this work of offering audiences more accurate portraits. See my mission statement and core values here!

But a girl’s gotta eat while she pursues her idealistic long-term goals, so hit me up with your best project proposal, and my people (who look, sound, and act exactly like me, myself, and moi-même) will talk with your people (whoever they may be).


My projects these days include serving as editor for Anthrow Circus, “a mixed media collection crafted by artists, filmmakers, journalists, historians, and designers working together as creative anthropologists to examine culture and society through the lens of place.” You’re bound to like what we’re cooking up there, so hop on over without delay!


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