Kami is a very talented professional–creative, dedicated, accurate, thorough, and intuitive. She takes pride in her work. Furthermore, she is a collaborative leader who works well both as leader and as follower. Kami exhibits integrity in all she does. She understands organizational missions and skillfully implements goals and objectives into her work. Kami is undaunted by challenges. She meets deadlines, and she keeps an upbeat attitude, making it encouraging to work with her. I truly value Kami’s expertise and advice; I highly recommend her.

~~Pamela K. Jones, former Vice President for Communications, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

As a communications consultant to the CCCU, Kami Rice brought a passion and commitment to excellence that is rarely seen in the consultant world.  Together we revamped the look and concept of our association magazine and rethought our approach to communications.  Throughout this process she consistently went above and beyond what was asked of her and was a constant source of new ideas and creative approaches to our communications work.  I give Kami my highest recommendation.

~~Shapri D. LoMaglio, J.D., Director of Government Relations & Executive Programs/Executive Editor of CCCU Advance magazine, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

Kami hired me to contribute stories for a national magazine she edits that supports a coalition of colleges and universities. Since the readership is mostly upper-level university administration, faculty leadership and faculty, the editorial demands of the publication are rigorous. Kami clearly laid out the expectations for the stories, supplied me organized background information and skillfully edited my stories upon completion – all in a timely manner.

I’ve been a professional journalist/writer for more than 20 years and I would easily put Kami’s editing ability in the top 3-4 editors I’ve worked with. My voice was maintained and my story polished. It helps that Kami is an accomplished writer in her own right and without hesitation I’d recommend her for both her professionalism and broad editorial ability.

~~Chris Turner, Director of Communications – Tennessee Baptist Convention and Founder at D. Chris Turner Communications

Kami approaches her stories with enthusiasm and creativity. She is a talented writer who makes certain she is clear about her assignment, meets deadlines and keeps me informed as she is developing her stories. She is professional and a joy to work with.

~~Kathy Noble, Editor, Interpreter Magazine

Kami has a unique gift for getting to the heart of a story and for capturing that nugget in words and photos that connect with the hearts of our readers. Whether she is sharing a personal experience, recounting insights from her travels, or revealing the “story behind the spotlight” from a celebrity interview, Kami always provides honesty, depth, and a fascinating perspective. Not only does she collaborate with us to find the perfect stories to fit our themes, but she also delivers them on time. She is one of our favorite writers!

~~Sandy Miller, Editor, devozine

Kami is one of the most gifted writers I have ever known. Her objectivity, knowledge of issues, and reliable integrity has not only made a lasting impression on me but also on many of my peers and colleagues. I would highly recommend Kami to any magazine, newspaper, etc. that desires thorough and enlightening articles.

~~Thomas Henderson, Sustainable and Urban Agriculture Consultant for North America, General Board of Global Ministries

When Kami got in touch with me about doing freelance work, I was immediately impressed with the breadth of the publications she’s written for and her ability to write for the reader and with the reader in mind. She has written for two very different publications for the CCCU: she’s called upon her time in an off-campus program to tell potential students about BestSemester and written about innovative initiatives at our member schools in the CCCU Advance. She’s thorough, observant and most importantly, turns in pieces on time.

~~Mike Plunkett, former Media Relations & Publications Manager, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

Kami! I wanted to tell you that I really loved the story that you wrote. It really meant a lot to me and the experience I had in Poas. It brought it back to life, even just seeing it there in the magazine. Thanks for being a part of that. Journalism must be a pretty great job…It was as if I was able to smell the roast of the coffee and [hear] the chatter of the workers all over again…You gave these memories life again. Peace to you in your work, Kami.

~~Anna Wagner, story source, “For Love and Coffee” (BestSemester Magazine, Fall ’09)